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Fire Starters

Fire Starters

Sold in packs of 5.  Fire Starters are an easy way to get your fire place or fire pit started without having to use newspaper, leaves or other fire types of fuel.

Our fire starters are made with all natural products. We reuse extra soy wax, wick ends, bamboo paper towels, pine cones and saw dust. They will all be different, no one is the same!

The fire starters are safe for indoor wood burning fireplaces as well and the soy wax completely burns up so there is no residue or remaining wax (As long as the fire can burn in full before being put out)

**Fire Starters sometimes have fragrance oil mixed in but the scents WILL NOT over power the fire scent once the firepit/place has been started. Fire Starters are not made to change the smell of fire.